Global Service Jam 2012

All of us know something. Others may need that knowledge. What if we could meet and share it?


The service “your neighbor knows” connects people in the local community trough a webpage with maps and posters in the streets. This was our result of the Global Service Jam Oslo 2012, a 48 hours workshop 24-26. February 2012. This years theme was “hidden treasure”.



This is how the service “your neighbor knows” works:

Mari, Lise, Fred and Klara lives i a small village called Mosjøen

Mari is good at knitting

Mari says she can teach knitting at yourneighborknows webpage, and putts up posters

Lise want to learn knitting and get in touch with Mari

They meet, have fun, and Lise learn knitting

Lise rates Mari. Maris profile have four stars, which is great

Then Lise realizes she know how to make professional caffe latte

Lise updates her profile and ads barista to her knowledges

Mari sees that Lise know how to make great coffe and contact Lise to learn

Lise also invites Fred to the coffee-lesson, via Facebook

Fred join in and make his profile at yourneighborknows

The three of them meets and makes caffe latte

After some days Fred says he know how to mountain climb at yourneighborknows

He and Klara get in touch, climbs and become friends

All four of them continues to meet each other and get to know new people in their society. They learn new knowledge and practice what they already knows.

Business  and economy

In 2011 47 millions NOK was spent on projects to improve life in Norway’s municipalities. Yourneighbourknows costs 2 mill NOK to establish, and 4 mill NOK yearly to operate. There are 430 municipalities in Norway.


The fun of making the service “your neighbor knows” and participate at The Global Service Jam Oslo.

The fun of making the service “your neighbor knows” and participate at The Global Service Jam Oslo.

By: Anne Kathrin Waage, Ida Husgjord, Øyuenn S. Høydal, Line With, Bente Syversen and  Oda Sortland (me).