INO - meet // talk // share

Immigrants meets Norwegians in Oslo, Tøyen. 

The service sketch INO was a result of a 3 days collaborative process with business students and design students. We were given a problem to solve: segregation and lack of integration in relation to immigration. 


We started by looking into the problem, and get a deeper understanding of what might contribute to lack of integration and segregation. This is the outline of what possible factors we found: 

ino insight-01-01.jpg

We then developed and iterated on ideas for a concrete initiative which could affect the situation positivly. 

We ended up with INO, a multicultural event where people from different cultures can meet. Through doing cultural activities together, they get common references and a "safe space" for sharing and discussing. The video sketch bellow gives a brief introduction to the service and the topic: 

We also looked briefly into the business side of the concept, and among other worked out the Business Model Canvas:

business model ino-01-01-01.jpg

By students from BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo National Academy of the Arts and The Oslo School of Architecture and Design: business strategist Sérgio Almaça, marketing manager Sarah Vidal Aouizerat, marketing manager Matilde Bille, product designer Alexander Kondrup, interior designer Tommy Jørgensen, and Oda Sortland (me).