a tool for facilitating conversations about organizations and experiences.



In the "experience economy" of today, experiences is a major competitive factor. Though many organisations today have as a goal to deliver great experiences, this proves hard to do. Maybe due to the built-up of the organization, company cultures and fading goals. In this course, we had a hypothesis that an Experience Centric Organisation would be best equipt to deliver the right experiences to their costumers. An Experience Centric Organisation is an organisation where everyone works towards the same goal - a great customer experience. 

But how does one reach the Experience Centric Organisation, and how is the built-up of it?

We created a workshop tool, facilitating a conversation about experience goals, the organization and the persons within it. The tool let you look at how the goals travels within the organization. 


mindspace and how it is used 




use of the tool with posten norge and dnb

Design: Daniel Jackson, Jane Pernille Landa Hansen and Oda Sortland (me).