Telenor: Customer first day

Telenor, Norway’s largest telecom company, asked service design students at AHO to make and facilitate a workshop for their employees at their event Customer First Day. 

The goal of the Customer First Day is to make the employees more customer oriented. During the Customer First Day, Telenor employees are excused from their daily tasks, and encouraged to take part in activities like direct customer contact / sale, seminars, meetings and workshops.

Through the workshop we made, the (office) employees should get to know a customer segment better, and get an experience of working with service design mindset and methods. Our main focus was on journey mapping and touchpoints, and of course the customers. We worked from a specific scenario: Customer at 50+ years buying a smart phone. 

In the workshop we started out by an activity to get to know each other inside the group and tune in on services. Then we showed an animation explaining what a journey map is, and drawn out a service journey example of a service the group knew and liked. We continued by having participants write out findings from user interview videos, and place them on a journey map. We ended the task by focusing on the customers emotions in the different steps of the journey. After the break we gave the participants an introduction to touchpoints (all the spots where the company meets the customer. Often physical or interactive.) Then they selected an interesting point at their customer journey, and built ideas for improving it. We then wrapped up by a little talk, and gave them a brochure with information about service design, where they also could glue on their name tag. 

During the workshop we were all facilitators. I was group facilitator for six Telenor employees together with another student, who was visual group facilitator.

The Workshop at Telenor, Customer First Day

The Workshop at Telenor, Customer First Day



As usual we started out by qualitative research. We splitted up in groups and did five interviews with persons between 50 and 60 years. We also did an interview with a Telenor Store employee. Then we developed the workshop and videos showing the most important findings. We tested the workshop among ourselves and guests two times before Customer First Day, and changed large and small pieces. 

Workshop by my 13 fellow students and me at the course Service Design 1, 2013, The Oslo School of  Architecture and Design.