Transformal TOURISM experiences

creating package tours for Destination Røros, plus design tools for working with experiences.  

As students, we did this project in collaboration with Ted Matthews, who is doing his PhD thesis on; "Theory about the sacred, and use of it as material for New Service Development and facilitation of stronger user experiences."  We build the sequence and dramaturgy according to the structure of a "rite of passage", where a person goes trough a sequence of happenings and is reincorporated back into society as a slightly changed person. We worked consciously on making all parts of the experience telling the coherent story of a culture, using physical objects and immaterial assets (i.e. rituals) from the culture. The project resulted into two tourist concepts. 

The concepts are taken further by Destination Røros. The first package to be sold will probably be offered to the market in the winter 2015/2016. 


miners' footsteps

A 3 days package tour, looking deep into the UNESCO World Heritage Røros. Including food, accommodation and equipment. 

Overall theme: Old times struggle for profitable copper in a harsh climate. 

The whole: 

Detail examples:

Possible transformations could be: A greater interest for history, feeling more connected to ones roots, or being grateful for ones comfortable life. 


blue hour

A 3 days package tour, clearing the mind in the unspoiled nature. Including food, accommodation and equipment. 

Overall theme: The magic of the Blue Hour and taking time to reconnect in the Norwegian way.

The whole: 

Detail examples: 

Possible transformations could be: Feeling a closer connection to nature , reconnecting with themselves or those they travels with, feeling a little more Norwegian, a wish to live more in harmony with nature and pollute less.  



Design: Vivienne Nürnberger, Eirik Murvold, Daniel Jackson, Rickard Jensen, Jane Pernille Land Hansen and Oda Sortland (me)


further work through the internship

Destination Røros wanted to realize the package trips. I moved and lived 5 months at Røros to work further with the concepts as an intern in the Destinations Development Department. 


Among others, I worked with the actors central to the packages, talked to national and local experts, did market research, user and self testing, cost calculations, safety analysis, logistics and simplification, sharpening and modification of the Blue Hour theme, and of course redesign of the packages according to the points mentioned above. I also held a presentation on behalf of Destination Røros at Trøndelag Reiselivssseminar the 7th May 2015.