User Generated Insurance: Using artificial intelligence to empower users and boost innovation

This project was concerned with creating an insurance concept for a future scenario. The goal was to come up with a service that could change the insurance business as we know it, if it was successfully implemented.


I researched trends, talked to potential buyers and got valuable insight into the insurance business from my project partner SpareBank 1 and my external supervisor from Itera.

The final concept is a hypothetical Google* platform enabling regular people or companies to make insurance offerings. A constantly learning program uses a vast amount of data to help create the insurance terms and calculate prices. While the insurance makers choose terms and add other services to their insurance offerings, Google* is juridical responsible and cash out in cases of insurance claims.


On the Google* insurance platform, a myriad of new insurance offerings emerges fast. Most are tailored to a specific user group’s need. End users see all their insurance policies at the platform, where smart software gives individual advices on their insurance situation.

*Google is to be seen only as an example of a company in a position to do this.  

Reactions to the concept

When the concept was born, I tested potential insurance maker’s and buyer’s interest. I was surprised to find that there might be a real market for a service enabling someone to make an insurance offering. I was also surprised by how open the potential buyers seemed.

“If it is Google or Spotify providing the insurance, I don’t care. I just want the cheapest which cover me.” Potential user

“Probably someone in the (pop culture) community would be interested in making insurance for this, and people would be interested in buying.” Employee at Outland, the leading store for popular culture in Norway

“For a long time, I had a plan to make a different type of insurance for pets. For a monthly fee I would include annual vaccine and deworming, plus insurance. In my opinion this is a more customer friendly option that has the potential to build loyalty.” Veterinarian

“I am absolutely interested. If this enables me to do only the creative and profit part of insurance, it is what I need. If you and two others with complementary skills presented this, you would probably get funding today.” Entrepreneur, interested in insurance

Reactions from designers and other professionals

I have received a large interest in the concept and the process of making it, both from the design and the insurance community. I thus hope that we will see more conceptual projects with focus on trends, technology and future scenario, in addition to the user. From what I found, this is a great way of creating very innovative ideas for services, some of which may create value today.

The master was one of two projects nominated for the Prize for best design diploma.